Adults attending a program

The University of Colorado Museum of Natural History offers adults the opportunity to learn directly from experts and artists, and to meet other people that share the same passion for the natural world.

Adult educational programs at the Museum are…

  • Engaging: Through lectures, conversations, tours, and hands on activities, the adult educational programs encourage creativity and critical thinking. These programs are also a great venue to share participants’ knowledge.
  • Relevant: From current social, and environmental topics to new knowledge on ancient life and civilizations, these programs explore innovative ways to connect with our world.
  • Multidisciplinary: The Museum frequently collaborates with other University Departments and scholarly organizations to present the latest research on Anthropology, Biology, Geology, Environmental Studies, archaeology, Visual Arts, History, Literature, Film, and many other subjects.

Independently of their level of expertise or background, participants can explore their interests, and expand their knowledge. Please, visit the Events calendar for information on upcoming programs.

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