Housing & Dining Services and Conference Services engage in an ever-expanding array of sustainable initiatives that we both incorporate into our day-to-day operations and promote to our guests, providing opportunities to reduce their environmental impact.

Multi station water station

What We Do

  • Provide triple-filter water stations in nearly every building on campus to make carrying and refilling personal water bottles easy
  • Promote the use of reusable bags and travel mugs in dining centers and retail markets
  • Purchase and utilize EnergyStar-rated equipment and eco-friendly cleaning supplies
  • Continually train staff and conduct customer outreach to increase participation in sustainability efforts
  • Send all pre- and post-consumer food waste to be processed and made available to local communities as mulch
  • Recycle over 150 tons of cardboard, glass and plastic each year
  • Conduct Zero Waste events, using all compostable dish and flatware, producing virtually nothing for landfills
  • Purchase local, natural and organic products when possible
  • Offer a variety of healthy meatless dishes in our dining facilities