Dan Suelo

Moneyless in Moab

Daniel Shellabarger Suelo (Anth'84) lives in a cave and doesn't have a cent to his name. He's very happy.


Power to the People

Some of the world's most successful political movements have brought about change without violence, says Erica Chenoweth.

Tom Hornbein

Rarefied Air

Fifty years ago, Tom Hornbein made history by being part of the team that put the first American on top of Everest.


Deadly Eruption

When the Earth took a turn for the worse in A.D. 536, what was to blame? Anthropology professor Payson Sheets thinks the answer lies in a plastic bag.

Beer bubbles

Head to the Hills

CU alumni play a large role in Boulder's microbrewing mecca.

Emma Coburn

World-Class Runner

What does it take to become an Olympian? Find out from Emma Coburn.


Al Bartlett

Losing a Legend

Physics professor Al Bartlett: 1923-2013

Modern Family

Campus News Briefs – Winter 2013

News from on and around campus.

Boulder flood

NOW – September 12, 2013

A record 17.15 inches of rain fell on Boulder County Sept. 9-16, 2013, shattering the area’s annual average of 15 inches.

Red Lion

Paul Danish: Deluge of 2013

Paul Danish recounts the flood of September 2013.


Lion Conservation Efforts Backfire

East African Lion conservation projects must involve the Maasai tribe to be successful.


Inquiry: Sleep Study with Kenneth Wright

Integrative physiology professor Kenneth Wright conducted a study on the influence of natural versus electrical lighting on our sleep patterns.

Caribou Ranch

Look: Caribou Ranch

During the 1970s and early 1980s, some 150 artists reveled in the serenity of Caribou Ranch, a destination recording studio north of Nederland, Colo.

University Memorial Center

University Memorial Center Turns 60

Vets honored in campus hub.

Post-It Note

Origins: Post-It Note Adhesive

In 1968 Spencer Silver (PhDA&S’66), a senior chemist at 3M’s Central Research Labs, developed a peculiar adhesive. Made out of tiny bubbles, it was strong enough to hold papers together but weak enough that they could be pulled apart.

Monsters university

Infographic: Monsters University

Lee Rase has worked at Pixar since 2005 on animated films such as Wall-E, Up and Monsters University.


Q&A with the Chancellor: Philip P. DiStefano – Winter 2013

Living in the nation’s basement in regards to state funding presents challenges and opportunities for innovation.

Students at a football game

Team Building

Strong start for MacIntyre

CU volleyball

Sports Briefs – Winter 2013

Sports news from fall 2013

Ceal Barry

Sports Q&A: Ceal Barry

Athletic administrator Ceal Barry, the winningest women’s basketball coach in school history, completed her 30th year at CU-Boulder. Last summer she served as interim athletic director after the departure of Mike Bohn and before the hiring of Rick George.

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Profile: Philip Hart

Philip Hart remembers discovering photos of his great uncle James Herman Banning in family albums of his mother’s basement.

Colleen Glyde Julian

Profile: Colleen Glyde Julian

Colleen Glyde Julian knows a thing or two about living in rarefied air. On her way to becoming a three-time cross country and track and field All-American at CU-Boulder, she experienced firsthand how running at high altitude can leave you breathless.

Luke Graham

Profile: Luke Graham

When he was a child Luke Graham dreamed of being a center fielder for the New York Yankees. By the time he turned 13, he realized his dream wasn’t realistic and searched for other sports-related careers.

Vietnam War

Then: February 1968

The last U.S. troops left Vietnam on March 29, 1973, in the wake of the cease-fire agreement engineered at the Paris Peace Accords. An estimated 58,000 Americans and 2 million Vietnamese died during the war. Sobering images like this one in the 1970 yearbook of the Khe Sanh airstrip fueled anti-war sentiment.