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Business Services Helpdesk - Submit a Ticket - To better serve your needs, we've implemented the helpdesk which is a forum for you to submit questions and request actions from department staff.  It's a great way to ensure your request is getting to the correct and knowledgeable staff member in our Business Team.   

  • Finance & Purchasing - Use this to submit journal entry requests, Service Center Billing/Receivables, Questions RE: forms, policies, PCards questions, Transaction Details, etc.
  • Grant Management - Use this to submit requests to our staff to address Fund 30/31 Grant Management Needs, Budgets, Balance Questions, Closeout Needs, etc. 

Current Awards - Principal Investigator's Need to Know

The Roles and Responsibilities Matrix is a document aligning the roles and responsibilities over the lifecycle of the award and is required by the Regent Administrative Policy 1012. It also defines the roles & responsibilities of OCG, SPA, TTO, and others within the university system.

All official awards should be forwarded to for logging by the Sponsor per your proposal. Please contact your department research administrator, Stephanie Preo, and she will ensure that OCG is notified and the process for a speedtype setup is started.

Remember do not sign the award as only certain individuals in the University are authorized to sign awards and an unauthorized signature could render the agreement null and void.

Please contact your department research administrator and they will coordinate with OCG to determine the status. If you received your notice of award, please send that to your department research administrator.

The Principal Investigator is responsible for preparing progress reports. Sponsored Projects Accounting provides financial report information. Some sponsors require that an Authorized Organizational Representative sign and/or submit the report. Your Proposal Analyst can assist with this. For NIH, once an RPPR is fully completed and checked for any errors, the PI should route the report to Stacy Litwin, Reports Officer in OCG for review and submission.

Please notify your department research administrator and let them know you'd like a NCE. They will coordinate the contact with your Grant and Contract Officer for assistance. The PI is responsible to initiate and track the NCE deadlines and ensure timely submission of the request.

Common Proposal Questions

In your email to your Proposal Analyst, please include your Proposal Submission Request form and budget details. Budget details can be provided in text form or using a budget template. View OCG's proposal development pages for more information on starting a new proposal.

Please contact your Proposal Analyst as soon as you have identified a funding opportunity. At a minimum, you should contact your analyst no later than five business days before the sponsor deadline, and provide your completed Proposal Submission Request (PSR) form and budget details in your request. Budget details can be provided in text form or using a budget template.

Most proposals, especially to federal sponsors, require OCG’s involvement, and you should contact your Proposal Analyst as early as possible. OCG will help develop your budget and guide you through the submission process as well as check to ensure that your proposal complies with sponsor guidelines, and any other relevant policies and regulations. Many sponsors also require that an Authorized Organizational Representative (or Signing Official) submit your proposal. Even if the sponsor allows the PI to submit the proposal, if funding will come through the University, OCG will still need to review the full proposal prior to submission. Submitting without OCG’s assistance can result in detrimental budget errors and delays in processing your award. Here are two situations in which you may not need to involve OCG: Preliminary proposals (or similar – such as white papers or concept papers) do not require OCG involvement unless a budget is included, or if the sponsor requires that an Authorized Organizational Representative submit the pre-proposal. Fellowships that do not require an institutional endorsement and the funding will go directly to the student may be submitted directly by the student without OCG involvement. In any instance, if you’d like assistance with budgeting, please contact your Proposal Analyst.

Please visit the Frequently Asked Questions section of the Office of Contracts & Grants. See Common Proposal Questions.