The University of Colorado Boulder is moving toward a campus-based IT and the department has opted into being one of the first to move toward this transition. The Department of Chemistry has collaborated with the Office of Information Technology and Dedicated Desktop Support Services to provide faculty, staff, and researchers with their IT needs. The department has a wide range of computerized instrumentation, server clusters, administrative servers, and over 400 desktop machines running an assortment of operating systems. 

Contact Information:

Coordination of Department IT Services with Campus OIT and DDS teams are coordinated by the departments IT liaison, Robbie Ingram

Departmental IT Needs & FAQs

In order to expedite any technical desktop problems you may have in the department, we have an online ticket system that will allow you to put in tickets that are handled by the DDS team.

If you have opted into the Dedicated Desktop Support services within the department simply go to Dedicated Desktop Support and submit a ticket. Please remember only individuals who have opted into DDS support and have a university purchased computer are eligible for this support.  Do not hesitate to put in DDS Tickets, for they are the quickest and easiest way to get solutions to your computer problems.

For those that have not opted in for DDS Support, Walk-in Facilities are provided at no cost for faculty, staff, and students at CU Boulder. 

If you would like to opt in but haven't please contact the departments IT liaison, Robbie Ingram​.

Robbie Ingram​ is your Telephone Liaison for the department. For long distance codes, new phones, name/number changes, and any other questions you may have about the telephone system please feel free to put in a Business Services Helpdesk ticket under "Building Management/Access/Parking" and we will work on it as soon as possible.

Your copy code can be obtained by contacting the front desk at If you are part of a lab, please speak with your supervisor and they will provide you with your lab code.

You can use this code at either of the two Xerox Multifunction Devices in Chemistry 100A and Ekeley M320.

The two Xerox Multifunction Devices are able to scan documents and send them to you via email. Simply go to the color copier and select email. Click the email button, click the “to” button and enter your email address via the on-screen keyboard and click done. To start the scan click start and the copier will handle the rest.

CU-Boulder provides robust email and calendaring options to all members of the campus community, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness of collaboration, communications, and scheduling.  Each of these email/calendaring options offers a suite of tools including email, personal calendaring, address books/contacts and task lists.  All CU-Boulder faculty, staff and students receive a CU-Boulder email account with a email address.

Your email address will be created when you activate your BuffOne Card. If you were not provided with this information, you can call ITS at 303.735.HELP and ask them to provide you with this information.

Additional information can be found on the OIT Website regarding Messaging and Collaboration.  Should you have further needs  - If DDS Supported, please feel free to put submit a DDS Ticket. Otherwise, please utilize the Walkup Service.

If we have already assigned you an email the details will appear below.

Please follow the directions below for Building Service Requests.

  1. For prompt service Faculty, Staff and Students must go to the following link to submit requests for all building service requests: Business Services Helpdesk
  2. Enter all necessary information on the form: building location, subject, priority level, description of the request and any attachments that may be necessary. Be sure to include room number and a contact name and phone number in the description area.
  3. All requests will be routed to the Building Proctor and Building Manager.
  4. Requests will then be submitted to the Facman (Facilities Management) Service Desk.
  5. Service request numbers will be copied to the requester.
  6. Once service has been performed and is closed out, the helpdesk will be updated to indicate that job closure.
  7. If there are any continual or reoccurring issues related to the service request, those issues must be communicated to the Building Proctor for appropriate follow up with Facman.

For more information including what to do in an emergency, please see the Service request policy page.


We have purchased an academic license of Igor Pro, a very powerful data analysis, programming, and graphing software for use by students on coursework. Igor is the primary tool for data analysis in several groups in the Dept. (e.g. J. Jimenez, Tolbert, Volkamer). You should install IGOR in your computers by downloading it from:

(There are both PC and Mac versions)

To obtain the Serial Number and Activation Key, please contact Jose Jimenez (

Once you have installed, you should open the online manual (PDF) and go through the "Getting Started in IGOR" section.

The IGOR license is for coursework only for any course in CHEM Dept., so after the end of the semester, those of you joining one of the IGOR-equipped groups should install their licenses. For the rest of you, you can try to convince your advisors to get a license (pretty cheap at $350 or so) or get a personal license ($85 for student personal purchases).


ChemDraw is available to all departments, faculty, staff and students on the Boulder campus, including personal computers. This site license covers the entire CU-Boulder campus with no fee to the individual users.

To obtain a license Create an account, using your email address, on the website

From this account, you can download ChemDraw for your computer, and receive the necessary serial number and/or registration code via email.

FAQs, notes, and a full user manual for ChemDraw (PDF form) are available when you log in to the above account, or from the Desktop Support tab at

Other Site Licenses

Additional site licenses are available for download via OIT's site license website: