A Building Service Request is any non-critical service that is needed to maintain, install, and/or repair items in the building space. Examples are a burned out light bulb, re-keying a door, hooking up a water system, cooling/heating issues in space, pest control, downed autoclave, hanging whiteboards, etc.

An Emergency Service Request is any service that is needed to respond to a critical situation in the building.  Examples are a downed chiller that feeds NMR, water leaks that threaten equipment/space, gas odors, chemical spills, or anything that threatens life, property or equipment.

Procedure: Building Service Requests

  1. For prompt service Faculty, Staff and Students must contact the Building Proctor.
  2. Enter all necessary information on the email: building location, subject, priority level, description of the request and any attachments that may be necessary. Be sure to include room number and a contact name and phone number.
  3. Requests will then be submitted to the Facman service desk.
  4. Service request numbers will be copied to the requestor.
  5. Once service has been performed and is closed out, you will receive an email confirmation.
  6. If there are any continual or reoccurring issues related to the service request, those issues must be communicated to the Building proctor for appropriate follow up with Facman.

Procedure: Emergency Service Requests

During Business Hours:

  1. If an emergency is occurring during business hours, Monday-Friday 8am to 5pm, the Building Proctor and/or Building Manager must be notified of the emergency immediately.
  2. The Building Proctor and/or Building Manager will contact the service desk to report the emergency.
  3. If the Building Proctor and/or Building Manager are not located within a reasonable timeframe then the Faculty, Staff or Student may call in the emergency to the service desk. 303-492-5522 (or from a campus phone 2-5522).

After Hours, Evenings and Weekends:

  1. Faculty, Staff and Students that encounter an emergency situation in the evening or on a weekend can contact Facman service desk directly at 303-492-5522 (or from a campus phone 2-5522).
  2. Communicate all necessary information directly to the service desk.
  3. A service number will be relayed to the requestor and must be emailed to the Building Proctor and Building Manager as soon as possible so that their response to the emergency can be monitored.
  4. To assure that the emergency is dealt with to the satisfaction of the requestor, the requestor should make themselves available to Facman to relay any pertinent information when they arrive on site.
  5. Those individuals reporting emergencies to the Facman service center should also communicate the emergency to the PI responsible for the area, where the emergency has occurred.  They should then follow up with the Building Manager and Building Proctor the next business day.

Authorization of Key Personnel

  1. Faculty, Students, and Staff that have any equipment or systems that are critical and would need to be fixed quickly must relay this information to the Building Manager.
  2. A list of equipment and/or systems, location and the emergency contact personnel must be included.
  3. The Building Manager will keep a database of this information.
  4. Authorization will be granted for key personnel to be the acting party for calling in emergencies related to this equipment and/or systems.
  5. Unauthorized Use of Facman Service Center
  6. Faculty, Staff, and Students must utilize the intranet-based service request system for all non-emergency related requests. Failure to comply with this requirement may delay service request.