The Eaton Graduate Research Awards is a semi-annual competition for graduate students working in the humanities and arts to support conference participation where students present a paper or perform or display their work for those in the arts. 

The excellence of the project will be the main criterion for selection. 

Award Amounts
Domestic: up to $500
International: up to $800

FALL: September 16, 2022
SPRING/SUMMER: February 1, 2023

  • Applicants must be a full-time master's or doctoral level graduate student in good standing
  • Applicants applying for summer research awards must be enrolled in coursework the following fall
  • Applicants must be participating in conference presenting their own work 
  • Applicants may not receive more than one grant per academic year
  • In an effort to serve graduate students working in arts and humanities at CU Boulder, applicants who have not been previously funded by this award will be prioritized
  • Award recipients are responsible to fulfill and request approval to travel according to existing CU policy.  For more information, visit CU’s travel page 
  • If the conference you plan to attend is virtual and no travel is required, please apply. The Eaton award will cover your conference registration fee. 

  • Within one month of the completion of the grant period, recipients are required to submit a final report summarizing the project and describing the impact on your research. 
  • Acknowledgment of the Center for Humanities & the Arts (CHA) is required on all promotional/published materials for projects funded by the CHA. Use this language for credit: “This project is supported, in part, by a grant from the Center for Humanities & the Arts”
  • Download the Center for Humanities & the Arts logo here.

  • Personal Information (name, email, department affiliation, student ID)
  • Project Title 
  • Destination (Conference location)
  • Dates of Conference
  • Project details: Explain how attending this conference to present your research relates to your dissertation, thesis, or other research or creative work project on which you are currently working
  • Budget: include itemized expenses (conference registration fee, air fare, accommodations, shuttle, per diem, etc.)
  • A copy of the letter or email confirming acceptance to the conference or showing invitation to participate in a performance or exhibit
  • Optional: Letter of support from an advisor or faculty member, submitted with application or sent to by the application deadline

Please complete the application form and include the materials requested in the project description and budget to apply for this award. 

Questions? Contact