Published: May 25, 2023

Asian American History, Identity, & How to be an Anti-Racism Advocate: An AAPI Heritage Month Talk

Dr. Jennifer Ho, Ethnic Studies Professor and CHA Director, will talk about what the term “AAPI” means—its origins, its use as label that combines “Asian Americans” and “Pacific Islander” into a single category, and the reason she embraces Asian American as a racial category of unity and solidarity. She will share her family’s immigration story to the US as a way to understand Asian American history and identity and will answer questions about any and all things related to Asian American history, society, experiences and general questions about race and racism, especially given the attacks against Asian Americans during the global COVID-19 pandemic. Ho will end the talk by sharing resources on what everyone can do to be anti-racism advocates.

This speaking engagement is sponsored by the College of Arts & Sciences' Office for Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion.

About the Speaker

Jennifer Ho imageThe daughter of a refugee father from China and an immigrant mother from Jamaica, Jennifer Ho is the director of the Center for Humanities & the Arts at the University of Colorado Boulder, where she also holds an appointment as Professor of Ethnic Studies. She is the past president of the Association for Asian American Studies and the author of three scholarly monographs. In addition to her academic work, Ho is active in community engagement around issues of race and intersectionality, leading workshops on anti-racism and how to talk about race in our current political climate. You can follow her on Twitter @drjenho

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