Looking for a language learning strategy that works for your learning style? FluentU provides language learners with the tips and strategies that you need to speak a language naturally. Whether you are a visual, auditory, kinesthetic, or tactile learner, this guide provides you with the best approaches for language learning that suit your learning style. These strategies ensure that you enjoy your language learning experience as you find an approach that works best for you.  FluentU also has a guide that gives you all of the tips that you need to build your confidence in speaking your target language. The best part is that all of these strategies are absolutely free! Practicing body language and maintaining a small amount of eye contact are just a few things that can establish an enjoyable learning experience!

Not sure of where to start with your language learning studies? Fluent in 3 Months provides you with plenty of resources that are proven to effectively teach you the language of your choice. From playing with apps to using surprising study hacks, you will be amazed by what tips and tricks you can use to rapidly boost your language learning progress. Plus, many language learners have confirmed that these resources and tricks work in achieving fluency. You may read all about their experiences and words of encouragement here!

  • Computer games 
  • Listen to music from the countries where your language is spoken with a platform like Radio Garden
  • Language conversations 
  • Change your phone settings into your target language
  • Cooking in a new language - Watching and reading cooking tutorials are always a fun way to engage with a new culture while also practicing your new language!
  • Study abroad or travel (One of the best ways to learn a language!)
  • Watch foreign movies in their original language with (or without subtitles)
  • Try to think in the language you are learning; it is a way to practice in your head everyday