One of the most popular and effective ways to learn a new language is through a mobile phone app. You can learn at your own pace, and learn what is relevant to you while saving time and money. Here is a list of some of the best free language learning apps that our HIVE employees have reviewed and recommend. Note that most of these apps have free and paid versions.Avatar holding a phone

Babbel’s main focus is on the users personal goals to ensure the most effective learning process tailored to their preferences. With over 10,000 hours of hand-picked lessons, Babbel ensures that this is the shortest path to a confident real-life conversation, all for free.
Very fun app and easy to use. From personal experience, it is one of my favorites language apps and I have learned a lot from this app. 

- Rachele, HIVE employee

Busuu is a free language learning app that is structured under the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) to ensure their lessons are relevant and optimal for learning language. Their short, engaging, and personalized lessons focus on a variety of skills that can help users improve on a specific skill without going through what they already master.
The lessons are short, structured and easy to use. The lessons are provided with audio that sounds natural as if you are listening to a native speaker. The example sentences are natural and essential for users to learn. 

- Veronica, HIVE employee 

Duolingo is a free app that offers personalized and bite-sized lessons for a fun experience learning a new language. Lessons are based on a methodology that fosters memory retention and a curriculum that is personalized to reach each user's real-life goals.
It is very interactive, fun, and easy to use. It has plenty of options of languages to learn and you can choose your own schedule. Duolingo provides feedback when you get a question wrong and repeats the question later for review.

- Maria, HIVE employee

TripLingo is a free mobile app that has the international traveller in mind. It is the ultimate tool for any traveler that offers lessons with highly useful phrases, culture lessons, travel tools, and so much more to help guide travelers faced with obstacles on their journey abroad.
TripLingo is tailored for trips abroad and offers users important and common phrases to get around in a select country while teaching useful information about the country's culture.

 - Henrik, HIVE employee

LyricsTraining is available as a free mobile app or as a website. It allows students to practice their listening skills in 13 languages while watching music videos in a variety of genres.

Staff Pick: Duolingo

Our HIVE employees are dedicated to research and review popular language learning apps to help our peers succeed in learning a language with the most efficient, enjoyable, and money-saving mobile apps. After reviewing the most popular apps, our HIVE employees have voted Duolingo as Staff Pick.

Duolingo is a free, innovative mobile app to efficiently learn a new language in a short amount of time. The app offers clear and structured lessons with a complete overview for easy navigation. It is highly interactive and set up as a game to win rewards to add a personal touch to your lessons. Users have the option to learn on their own schedule and the content is highly relevant and essential for language learning. 

This is the best selection of languages to learn that I have seen for an app. The lessons are short and users have the option for a self-testing option to provide already experienced users with the option to skip ahead. The app features a great motivator system that encourages you to continue your lesson.

- Veronica, HIVE employee

Duolingo is an app for all ages and has up to 24 languages. It also teaches you the language in a very enjoyable way.

- Rachele, HIVE employee