From the ability to converse with family and friends to increasing your memory plasticity, there are many reasons to learn languages and we hope you'll let ALTEC guide your journey! Our classes are affordable and perfect for busy adults with a desire to learn new languages or maintain and bolster skills. All classes are non-credit with no tests and our students are highly motivated to learn the language for use in their profession, social life and travels. Come learn languages and celebrate cultures with us!

Here are some additional perks to learning with ALTEC:

  • FREE ALTEC Foundations course to learn the basics in 7 languages
  • Highly qualified faculty who bring the best of language learning to you
  • Remote learning options and low-cost courses make language learning accessible
  • Custom learning materials and practice exercises for you to complete at your convenience
  • Access to borrow language resources including comics and DVDs from The HIVE @ALTEC
  • Technology tools to enhance your language learning experience and stay engaged
  • Invitation to attend ongoing events and to join conversation tables to practice language skills
  • Opportunity to sign up at our language corner to find or be a conversation partner