Social media platforms are a great way to connect with Buffs near and far. We’ve outlined general guidelines for the main components found in social media below. Our goal is to maintain a cohesive university brand message across all social channels, while also allowing some individuality among CU Boulder entities. Because of the changing nature of social media, we encourage you to contact us with any social media branding questions you may have. 

Profile Picture

The profile picture is the fundamental identity of your college, department, organization, program or center within your social channels. The profile picture should be consistent across all platforms and once established, it should not change.

Major Entities:  

  • We recommend using the CU interlocking logo. If using this, your department name must be below the interlock in order to distinguish among different entities.
  • Please maintain CU Boulder’s brand colors, font and block lettering aesthetic in your logo.
  • Please ensure all coloring choices are legible and accessible with type.

Departments & Organizations:

  • Since the department and organization social channels are established for specific, internal audiences, we recommend using a profile picture that promotes our location and is representative of your individual department.
  • Please maintain CU Boulder’s brand colors, font and block lettering aesthetic.
  • Please ensure all coloring choices are legible and accessible with the type.

Cover Photo

The cover photo has more flexibility than the profile picture. This photo can be switched out depending on events or marketing campaigns. Although we encourage you to personalize your cover photo, we do ask that you ensure your photo is relevant and not out of date.


Long Name

A long name in social media is the name found in your URL.


  1. Please have “University of Colorado Boulder” at the beginning of your long name; however, if you have a long department or organization name (i.e., College of Media, Communication and Information), then please use “CU Boulder” in the beginning of your long name.
  2. We recommend all collegiate club sport teams to consult with the CU Student Recreation Center regarding your official club sport name.
  3. Because your long name is located in the URL, it may be difficult to change. Please contact our team for a consultation on changing your long name.

Short Name

A short name in social media is the name displayed below your profile picture.


  1. Please use “University of Colorado Boulder” in the beginning of your name, followed by your department, organization, program, club or center’s name.
  2. If your group’s name is long (i.e., College of Media, Communication and Information), please use “CU Boulder” instead of “University of Colorado Boulder.” 

About Section

The About section provides important context for new and existing audiences. Because all departments, programs, organizations, clubs and centers are a part of CU Boulder, we ask that you please include the following information in your About section, for both consistency and clarity:

  • University of Colorado Boulder
  • Your college, department, program, organization, club or center’s name
  • Your group’s key statements
  • A hyperlink to your group’s website homepage


We have some established hashtags that we encourage you to use. By using these hashtags appropriately, you can increase your group’s visibility.

  • #BeBoulder: Used campuswide and in alignment with the Be Boulder brand
  • #CUBoulder: A general campuswide hashtag
  • #GoBuffs: Used campuswide and for school spirit
  • #ForeverBuffs: Used by alumni around the world
  • #BoulderBound: Used by incoming students and the admissions team to share our new students


While sharing of publicly available content in social networks is encouraged and key to the “viral” nature of social media, there are still copyright protections that must be honored, especially when posting content from university-related social media channels. Give credit to photographs, original posters, etc. Avoid modifying original posts, but if you must for space or to add in content like account names, use native platform syntax like “MT” (modified tweet) in Twitter when making modifications.

For more information see the CU Boulder web publishing policy at

Additional Guidelines

  • CU Boulder no longer contains a hyphen in its name, so please remove all hyphens where present.
  • Do not use “University of Colorado”—that is the system’s name and not our particular university’s naming convention. Please use "University of Colorado Boulder."
  • Do not use UCB or CUB in any of your platform’s copy.
  • The core components to a successful post include: a captivating image or video, engaging content and a hyperlink to a webpage with further information.
  • If you have questions about using video in a social channel, please review the video section of our branding guidelines. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us.
  • Image size requirements change frequently. To stay up to date, please review each platform's recommendations:
  • If you are interested in geo-filters for social media, please refer to Snapchat’s website for more information: