The Professional Rights and Duties of Faculty Members & the roles and Professional Duties of Departmental Chairs (PRD) is a document that sets out in broad terms the privileges and responsibilities, as well as the standards of professional conduct, of both the faculty and department chairs. The current document was endorsed by the Boulder Assembly on March 4, 2010 and approved by Russell Moore, Provost on January 16, 2013.

The PRD has been under revision by a BFA Ad-Hoc committee that includes the BFA, CU Boulder Legal Counsel, Faculty Ombuds, and Faculty Relations. It is anticipated that a final draft will be available by early fall 2020, and will be voted on by BFA Representatives before the end of fall semester. The final version will be sent to the Office of the Provost for approval and campus-wide implementation. The following items are also available for reference:


Policy Statement:

Academic Affairs Policy on Professional Rights and Duties of Faculty Members and Roles and Responsibilities of Department Chairs (January 16, 2013)

Procedural Documents

Other Related Documents: