CU Boulder has aligned its resources and performance evaluations to emerge as a world-leading research university. We know how to cultivate great research, yet research is only one facet of faculty responsibilities. To extend CU Boulder’s reach as an exemplary institution, we must understand what constitutes great teaching; A&S has updated policies and expectations to that end.

By May 2022, each unit should have:

  • identified a framework and approach for teaching evaluation  (see A&S expectations, below)
  • taken steps to put changes into department by-laws, policy statements, and practices for reappointment, promotion, and tenure cases that are sent to the college. (see resources, below)

A&S Expectations


The resources on this page are designed to help departments get started. QTI resources include: 

  • QTI in a Box: tools and examples to support departmental work; 
  • A sample rubric and application of the framework that fulfills the dean’s expectations and can be contextualized to your unit;
  • Tools and processes for collecting data from peer review, self-reflection, student voice.