Campus information about the Benefits Initiative is located on the Budget and Fiscal Planning website.

The college has written a whitepaper explaining the calculations and impact of the Shared Solution on the College of Arts and Sciences:

Shared Solution Whitepaper

The College of Arts and Sciences is also providing a detailed roadmap for the following three types of speedtypes that are eligible for the Benefits Initiative - Shared Solution, which goes into effect July 1, 2020:

  1. Departmental Administration Indirect Cost Recovery (DAICR)
  2. Faculty StartupInitiative
  3. Faculty Retention

These roadmaps include the specific departmental speedtypes that are eligible for Shared Solution funding. The eligible speedtypes listed in the roadmaps have been approved by campus for shared solution funding and no additional speedtypes will be added to the lists. For DAICR, the list includes the continuing and temporary budget amounts allocated. The amount allocated for startups and retentions will depend on the level of salary charged to the speedtypes starting July 1, 2020. After FY25, continuing budget funds the campus allocated to the college for the Shared Solution will be used by the college for new faculty startup packages.

Following is a link to the roadmap that you can download to query your department information:

Shared Solution Roadmap

The roadmap data for DAICR and Retention speedtypes files will not change over time. Startup information will be updated as necessary (no more than once a month) as faculty are hired or leave the university.

Startup and Retention Shared Solution Eligibility

The Shared Solution is available only to faculty with offer letters dated on or before January 15, 2020. Offers dated after January 15, 2020 are not eligible and payment of 100% of the benefit expense will be the responsibility of the speedtype associated with the salary expense. Eligible startups and retentions will have benefits fully covered via temporary budget until their funding expires, or for up to five years (through June 30, 2025), whichever comes first.

The retention roadmap only includes the retentions eligible for the Shared Solution and does not include retentions after January 15, 2020.

The startup roadmap includes all faculty startups in your department that are still active within the startup timeframe in their offer letter. Offer letters dated after January 15, 2020 are included but are not eligible for the Shared Solution.


DAICR benefits allocations are based on a snapshot of salary expense in official departmental DAICR speedtypes from Fiscal Year 2018-2019. Only those speedtypes with calculated fringe benefits deficits in that year will receive funding. Any benefits charges above the amount allocated are the responsibility of the department.