On this page, you'll find information regarding uncovered teaching plans, including the teaching plan template, tracking and timeline.

Teaching Plan Template  Teaching Plan Tracking

Process and timeline

March to July

  • Divisional Dean receives the updated teaching plan template from the Budget Office, which will be posted online, and populates it with faculty and known commitments.
  • Divisional Dean sends the teaching plan to departments based on the best timing for the division:
    • The teaching plan is a living document that evolves over the course of the summer as the department determines courses, learns of enrollment and teaching resources. The first draft of the teaching plan is forwarded to the Divisional Dean and the Budget Office. Offer letters cannot be routed until this draft is received. Receipt of this draft allows:
      1. the Divisional Dean to understand and approve offer letters that will soon be generated.
      2. the Budget Office to review the plan and to inform the department of any unallowable expenses.
      3. the Budget Office and Divisional Dean to compare the draft to the prior year submission to learn if there are substantial differences that need to be understood in the context of the budget. Note: The Budget Office provides the prior year’s final submission for context or review.
    • The College faculty affairs team will not route any faculty contracts for the department until the teaching plan draft has been received by the Divisional Dean and Budget Office.
    • The teaching plan request is intended to cover “leaves and replacement”. The section entitled “Other teaching positions requiring annual leaves and replacement funding (NOT linked to TTT faculty absences)” is only to be utilized if the department can illustrate that it has experienced enrollment growth and requires additional teaching. Lecturer, instructor, adjunct faculty appointments, etc. should be used in this section. No student faculty appointments are allowed as this section of the request form is NOT intended to apply for temporary budget to support a department’s graduate program.
    • Additionally, as a reminder, utilizing graduate students for replacement teaching is very costly compared to utilizing lecturers. For that reason, graduate student appointment requests must be avoided at all cost unless there is a replacement need that can only be filled by someone with specialized experience.


  • The department finalizes the offer letters and updates the teaching plan draft accordingly. Offer letters finalized no later than early August to meet payroll deadline.

September or October

  • Departments makes final modifications to teaching plans based on actual enrollments. Teaching plans are finalized by September 15.
  • After the Divisional Dean receives all final plans and forwards to Budget Office (Robert) the Divisional Dean schedules a Teaching plan review meeting with the Budget Office.
  • Divisional Dean and Budget Office (Amy, Paul, Robert) meet to review or revise and approve all teaching plans by September 30. Expenses not approved by either the Divisional Dean or the Budget Office will be funded by the department. With that said, it is critical that any major changes in the teaching plan over the summer, be vetted before assuming expenses are covered.
  • Once approved the Budget Office transfers funds to the departments (typically in October).


No actions.


  • Divisional Dean sends request to departments for updated Teaching Plan based on spring enrollments.


  • Department review their enrollments and submit updated Teaching Plan based on spring enrollment by January 15.
  • Divisional Dean schedules meeting with the Budget Office (Amy, Paul, Robert) and sends all of their spreadsheets to the Budget Office (Robert) by January 31.


  • Budget Office will send spring budget adjustments to departments.