Best Practices for Remote and Online Teaching Subcommittee: Daryl Maeda (Assoc. Dean and ETHN), Chair; Joy Adams (ASSETT); Nichole Barger (EBIO); David Brain (APS); Noah Finkelstein (PHYS); Elizabeth Grulke (MATH); Oana Luca (CHEM); Tammy Meneghini (THDN); Jonathan O’Brien (ANTH); Ravinder Singh (MCDB); Mark Werner (ASSETT); and Phoebe Young (HIST)

The goal of the best practices for remote and online teaching committee was to identify principles that lead to effective pedagogy, make concrete recommendations to enact those principles, and point out both resources that are already available and those that should be provided. Our aim was not only to provide ideas about teaching in the particular circumstances of Fall 2020, but also, more broadly, to establish a basis for ongoing improvements in pedagogy regardless of modality.

Two caveats: First, these recommendations do not constitute an endorsement of any particular plan for returning to teaching in Fall 2020, but rather are intended to support all instructors. Faculty rightly have differing perspectives on how pedagogy should be delivered in the current social context. Second, we have provided recommendations for best practices in teaching. While they should not be construed as college policies or requirements, they are designed to support our faculty in meeting the expectations of quality practices in our college.


The following section offers recommendations to implement each principle, identifies resources, and provides things to consider when designing and teaching hybrid courses:

Recommended Guidelines and Resources