In 2018-2019, the College of Arts and Sciences focused its recruitment efforts on creating an arts and sciences' presence in our campus’ recruitment. For 2019-2020, we oversaw a sea change in our approach. 

Working in tandem with departments, programs and the admissions office, we exponentially grew the ways we connected with students in-person and digitally, delivering content and experiences that became more specific and personalized. The COVID-19 pandemic forced our team to double its efforts again, developing innovative digital experiences and opportunities to connect with our campus at a pace whose speed was impossible two years ago. 

Through our efforts, we matched 2018-2019 enrollment numbers. Given the uncertainty the coronavirus continues to bring universities, we consider this an enormous success. Still, we hope to redouble our efforts for next year, diversify our tactics and work with even greater intentionality. Our goal is to grow the number of creative, compassionate, critical thinkers drawn to the one place on CU Boulder’s campus that offers unrivaled breadth and complexity of educational experience… the College. 

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