Academic and Curricular Affairs is composed of three units overseen by the Assistant Dean, who also serves as the Dean of Summer Session for the College of Arts and Sciences and as the campus representative on the statewide General Education Council.  The three parts of A&S Academic and Curricular Affairs are 1) the Curricular Evaluation and Articulation Unit, 2) Degree Audit, and 3) the main Curriculum Office.  

The curriculum specialists in the A&S Curricular Evaluation and Articulation Unit (CEAU) evaluate Arts & Sciences type coursework from other institutions and from study abroad programs for its transferability to CU Boulder and its applicability to A&S degree requirements, including those requirements shared by other CU Boulder schools and colleges.  The members of the CEAU work with course evaluators in the individual A&S departments, usually the associate chair, to determine whether transfer and study abroad courses have direct equivalencies at CU and/or are applicable to major or minor requirements.  The curriculum specialists also provide policy information and its interpretation to faculty and staff throughout campus and adjust individual degree audits so that they accurately track a student’s academic progress. 

The A&S Degree Audit Coordinator creates, updates, and maintains the degree audits for all undergraduate majors, minors, and certificates offered by the departments, programs, and centers in the College of Arts and Sciences.  The coordinator works closely with the A&S Curriculum Office, the CU registrar’s office, the CEAU, and the system level University Information Services (UIS) to ensure that all A&S degree audits are accurate and efficient and functioning correctly.

The A&S Curriculum Office, currently consisting of the Assistant Dean for Academic and Curricular Affairs and the A&S Curricular Affairs Coordinator, oversees all aspect of the undergraduate curriculum in the college.  The office provides administrative support for the Arts and Science Curriculum Committee and performs various curricular functions on its behalf, including managing the course nomination process for the A&S Gen Ed curriculum.  The office works closely with the A&S departments and programs and the registrar’s office on academic scheduling, on the course and curriculum approval/revision processes, and on grade changes.  The Curriculum Office also coordinates with the A&S departments and programs to ensure that the information in the Arts & Sciences portion of the University Catalog is accurate.