Published: March 5, 2021 By


Have you met with your academic advisor this school year? With registration season coming up, many students are focused on choosing fall courses, but academic advising can help with so much more than just building a class schedule. Your advisor serves as a guide to your degree requirements, exploring fields of study at CU, and helping you discover extra- and co-curricular activities that will enrich your college experience.

Here are just a few of the topics you can address with your academic advisor in addition to course registration:

  • Exploring majors, minors, and certificate programs that align with your academic interests and skills, as well as your career goals. 
  • Connecting with Education Abroad if you're considering studying abroad at some point in your academic career. 
  • Getting involved in academic research with a faculty mentor. 
  • Building connections to student groups and campus communities that will sustain you socially and emotionally. 
  • Partnering with your major department and/or the Career Services office to discover internships or job opportunities that complement your areas of study and/or long-term career goals.
  • Have you received a Course Alert? Your advisor can help talk you through resources for academic success and next steps.

Academic advisors will collaborate with and support you to personalize your degree and experience at CU.

This is your education, your journey - we're here to help along the way. Make an individual appointment in Buff Portal Advising or visit your advisor's virtual drop-in hours.