Published: Sept. 28, 2021 By

The Advising Academic Center (AAC) in the College of Arts and Sciences has changed its name to A&S Academic Advising and Coaching, the office has announced.

The change underscores the fact that, in addition to advising, the office offers academic coaching. Also, the name includes a reference to the college—A&S AAC—to emphasize that the office is part of the college.

“By formally including ‘A&S’ and ‘coaching’ in our title, we aim to showcase our location within the College of Arts and Sciences” and inform students that “our unit includes academic coaching staff and services,” the office stated.

The office removed “center” from its title because academic advising and coaching services are not centrally located but are dispersed around campus in advising neighborhoods, clusters of co-located academic advising teams designed to serve students across the breadth of the college’s academic disciplines. 

For more information, visit the A&S AAC website.


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