Good Academic Standing

Good academic standing in the college requires a cumulative grade point average of 2.00 (C) or above in all University of Colorado work. Grades earned at another institution are not used in calculating the grade point average at the University of Colorado (this includes courses taken at Metropolitan State University on the Denver campus). However, grades earned in another school or college within the University of Colorado system are used in determining a student's scholastic standing and progress toward the degree in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Academic Alert – Probation for First-Year Students Only

First-year students who complete their first semester on campus, whether they are a first year or a new transfer student, with a cumulative GPA that is below 2.000 are placed on Academic Alert. If you are placed on Academic Alert, you are not in good academic standing.  Students on Academic Alert who earn a semester GPA of 2.000 or higher during their alert semester but do not earn a cumulative GPA of 2.000 or higher are allowed a second semester on academic probation to achieve the required cumulative GPA of at least a 2.000. Students who earn below a 2.000 semester GPA during their alert semester will be placed on Academic Suspension. 

Academic Probation

Continuing students whose cumulative GPA falls below 2.000 are placed on Academic Probation. Those students who enroll in any term in the calendar year, excluding summers, after being placed on probation are expected to raise their cumulative GPA to a 2.000 or above overall by the end of that term. Students are not suspended at the end of the summer term.  Students placed on Academic Probation who elect to remain out of school for a full calendar year can return to the university with a two-semesters of Academic Probation to achieve the required cumulative GPA of 2.000 or above.

Academic Suspension

Students who fail to earn a cumulative GPA of 2.000 or higher after the semester of Academic Probation will be suspended and will not be able to register for University of Colorado main campus courses on any campus during any academic year, August to May. A student on Academic Suspension may choose from the following options:

Enrollment Options

  1. Students may take classes through the Division of Continuing Education (Boulder evening or online courses) and apply for reinstatement when they have reached a 2.000 cumulative GPA.
  2. Students who choose to enroll in Continuing Education courses to restore their good standing must maintain a 2.50 GPA or above in each term in Continuing Education. Students who earn a 2.30 may be given additional consideration for continued enrollment. 
  3. Students can take courses at another academic institution. To be reinstated, your cumulative GPA at CU before your suspension plus the grades and credit hours resulting from all work done at other institutions after your suspension must calculate to a cumulative GPA of at least a 2.000.  This is referred to as a virtual GPA.  These transfer grades are used only for the purpose of reinstatement and do not impact the University of Colorado GPA. If students choose this option and are reinstated based on a virtual GPA, they will be readmitted on academic probation and given two semesters of main campus enrollment to bring their CU cumulative GPA to a 2.000 minimum.
  4. Students may choose a combination of 1 and 2.
  5. Students on Academic Suspension may enroll in main campus summer classes.

Student Resources

If you have not discussed your academic standing with your academic advisor, we recommend that be your first step. Academic advisors are specifically trained to develop a customized plan taking into account your needs as a student to help you achieve academic good standing. Please also take a look at the below Academic Resource List to learn about other resources that you may find helpful.