Daniel Easton
Program Director for Academic Success Initiatives and Coaching

Office Location: Woodbury 102, UCB 290

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Daniel holds a B.A. in Philosophy and Religious Students from the University of Denver, an M.S. in Higher Education Administration from the University of Kansas, and an Ed.D in Leadership for Educational Equity from the University of Colorado Denver.

He started is career in Residence Life at Western Washington University where he learned that community development and student support was found not in just giving students experiences, but helping student’s making meaning of their experiences, their identities, and their connections to others.  He then came to CU Boulder to work in Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution where he helped develop and implement a more educational and restorative approach to accountability.  He has also worked in the Registrar’s Office at CU Denver prioritizing developing processes and procedures that fit around the student’s experience, not vice versa.

Outside of work, he enjoys running, reading horror novels, or playing Dungeons and Dragons.  His two dogs Ahsoka and Adama wish he would take them on more walks.