Adam Dane
Biology Majors Advisor (EBIO, IPHY, MCDB)

Office Location: Porter B118, UCB 347

he, him, his

Moving to Colorado has long been a dream of mine, so I am excited to finally be out here and have the opportunity to work at CU Boulder.  I came from Iowa where I was previously advising Chemical Engineering students at Iowa State University, which is also where I earned my M.Ed.  I earned my BA in Sociology at Luther College, and continued playing soccer there at the Division III level.

I have been enjoying my time in Colorado so far, but I am still eager to explore many locations around the state (I am open to suggestions).  Outside of work I like to trail run, hike, bike, camp, rock climb, and do just about anything else outdoors.  I am a big fan of podcasts and audiobooks, as well as going to see live music.  I live with my partner, Jess, and we spend much of our time being active, traveling, and trying new places to eat or grab coffee.  We have two cats, Ada and Wadley, who are also enjoying Colorado so far.