Working with a faculty member for the first time can be intimidating. Below, please find a list of frequently asked questions to get you started.

How do I address the faculty member in an email or when we meet?

It is always best to err on the side of formality: Dr. Garcia or Professor Garcia. Using Mrs./Miss/Ms./Mr./Mx. is not appropriate. At some point, the faculty may invite you to refer to them by their first name.

Can I meet with more than one faculty if I am interested in more than one area of study?

Yes! Faculty are just as interested as you are in your finding the best match for your interests, availability and goals. This also increases your likelihood of finding a faculty who has an opening in their group.

What should I bring to the meeting with the faculty?
  1. Resumé
  2. Good knowledge about what aspect of their research, scholarship or creative work that you find interesting.
  3. Your goals during your time at CU and after graduation, and an ability to explain how working with the faculty will help you achieve those goals.
  4. Weekly hours/times of availability to work with the faculty member.
  5. Professional/appropriate attire.