About the Sandia University Partnerships Network (SUPN)

Sandia University Partnerships Network (SUPN) aims to cultivate enduring strategic and mutually beneficial relationships with a focused set of schools and to invest our corporate resources at a level commensurate with the partnership impact. 

As an ongoing member, the University of Colorado Boulder will continue to have a Sandia campus executive and deputy campus executive to provide a connection with Sandia’s leadership team, who will work with faculty to develop and realize a strategic partnership vision and plan. CU’s campus executive will provide advocacy for the partnership within both institutions, facilitate joint research interactions, and support placement of CU students and graduates at Sandia. CU will continue to have access to seedling funding for collaborative research partnerships with about $300K of dedicated Laboratory Directed Research and Development (LDRD) funds each year. The use of these funds will be directed by your campus executive, in concert with Sandia’s LDRD program.

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Sandia Points of Contact for the University of Colorado Boulder: