All students entering the University of Colorado who finished high school in the spring of 1988 or after must meet minimum academic preparation standards (MAPS) specified by each school or college. The College of Arts and Sciences has adopted the following standards for students. These standards are defined in high school units; a unit is one full year of high school coursework:

  • English: 4 (includes 2 of composition)
  • Mathematics: 4 (includes at least 2 of algebra, 1 of geometry and 1 of college preparatory math such as trigonometry, analytic geometry or elementary functions)
  • Natural science: 3 (includes 2 of lab science, 1 of which must be either chemistry or physics)
  • Social science: 3 (includes 1 of U.S. or world history and 1 of geography; if U.S. history is used to meet the history requirement, the geography requirement may be met with 1/2 unit of geography and 1/2 unit of world history)
  • Single foreign language: 3
  • Total High School units: 17

Students may be admitted to College of Arts and Sciences even if they have not met all the MAPS requirements. If that is the case, they are required to complete appropriate courses to rectify their MAPS deficiencies once enrolled, and the credit hours earned in those courses will apply toward graduation. All MAPS deficiencies must be completed prior to graduation from the College of Arts and Sciences. Students may also complete missing MAPS coursework at other colleges or universities, through approved credit-by-examination programs, or by testing out through the appropriate foreign language department.

Policies Concerning MAPS Deficiencies

The policies of the Boulder campus with respect to completing MAPS coursework after enrollment are as follows:

  1. All coursework toward fulfillment of the MAPS requirements must be taken for a letter grade.
  2. It is strongly recommended that students enroll in and complete at least one MAPS course each term, beginning in the first term of enrollment, until such time as all MAPS are completed. This policy applies to new freshmen, transfer students and students transferring into Arts and Sciences from other schools or colleges on the Boulder campus that have different MAPS requirements.
  3. Students in double-degree programs must meet MAPS requirements of both degree-granting units.
  4. Students must consult with an Arts and Sciences academic advisor to determine which specific courses may be used to meet a MAPS requirement.