Air Quality InQuiry Lessons

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Lesson 1 

Lesson 1 provides an introduction to air quality and monitoring technologies. This module includes: a Pre-Survey, a PowerPoint Lecture, a Vocabulary List, a Linking Sources and Pollutants Activity, and Critical Thinking Questions.

Lesson 2

Lesson 2 focuses on air quality collection and monitoring emissions. This module includes: a PowerPoint Lecture, a Pre-Activity Reading and Problem Set, a Car Emissions Activity, and a Results and Reflection Worksheet.

Lesson 3 

Lesson 3 introduces the final air quality research projects. The purpose of this module is to get the students to use the design process to come up with a research plan. This module includes: a Project Overview, a Brainstorming Guide, and a Research Plan Template. 

Lesson 4 

Lesson 4 teaches the students on the basics of data analysis and interpretation using Excel. This module includes: a Pre-Activity Reading, a Data Analysis Activity with Excel Data Sheets, and an Excel Cheat Sheet.

Lesson 5 

Lesson 5 gives students the skills they need to interpret and present their data from their research project. This module includes: an Overview of Interpreting Data and Presenting Results, a Data Interpretation Guide, and a Handout on How to Make a Scientific Poster. 

AQ-IQ Data Analysis Website 

The Data Analysis Website is specifically designed to help air quality Pod users visualize and analyze their data. 

Videos to Accompany AQ-IQ Curriculum 

Here you can find links to YouTube videos that provide helpful information on different AQ-IQ curriculum topics like data analysis.