The Pods were developed by researchers in Mike Hannigan’s Laboratory at CU Boulder. They are a low-cost technology that is currently being field tested and refined for air quality research use. As the Pods are being improved for research purposes, they continue to be a great tool for education. Pods can be used both indoors and outdoors, and can use a wall outlet or battery for a power source. The embedded sensors are metal oxide semi-conductors, electrochemical, and non-dispersive infrared sensors. 

AQIQ Pod Resources

Helpful documents on Pod Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and downloading data. 

We have developed a web-based data visualization tool (only compatible with Y-Pod data) where you can upload and plot Pod data, download simplified excel files, and view other user's data. Visit this link to create a profile and start interacting with your data.

Data Visualization Website 

Pod Checkout Program 

The Pod Check Out Program is designed for teachers to have the opportunity to use the air quality monitoring technology in their classrooms. The check out program is facilitated by the CU Museum of Natural History and involves a minimal cost for equipment maintenance and shipping costs. If you are interested in using the Pods, please visit the website below.

CU Museum of Natural History Pod Checkout Program 

The checkout program suitcase includes: 

  • Two pods
  • One battery for mobile data collection
  • One laptop with Plotter Tool program for data analysis  

Pod Checkout Program Resources: