Mike Hannigan

Mike Hannigan

Air Quality Scientist and Faculty Director
Mike is a professor of Mechanical Engineering at CU and is currently the chair of that department. Mike is also faculty in the CU Environmental Engineering program. He earned his PhD in Environmental Engineering Science at Caltech in 1997 and then did stints at MIT Environmental Health Sciences, CSU Atmospheric Sciences, and DU Chemistry before finally landing at CU. Mike teaches engineering core classes like Statics and Measurements as well...
Daniel Knight

Daniel Knight

Education Director
Daniel is the Program Assessment and Research Associate for the Design Center Colorado in the College of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Colorado Boulder. Dr. Knight supports the Center from a background in engineering education and applied psychology and his responsibilities include assessment and program evaluation of the Center’s hands-on design curriculum, educational research on center development, diversity and teamwork, and team facilitation for the Center’s on-going...

Ashley Collier-Oxandale

AQ-IQ Founder
Ashley Collier is a CU Boulder alumna, having earned her PhD in Environmental Engineering in 2018. She began working with the Hannigan Lab in 2011, and her work focused on low-cost, air quality sensor quantification and research applications. She began leading air quality education and outreach (E&O) work with rural Colorado high school students in 2013. The focus was always on supporting student-driven research into local air quality issues and...

Helena Pliszka

Head TA / Technical Lead
Helena is a Masters student in Environmental Engineering at CU and a member of Dr. Hannigan's lab. She is passionate about education outreach, becoming involved with AQIQ in 2020 as a high school mentor and now serving as the head TA and technical lead for the program. She can be contacted with any questions or issues regarding our technology, including the Y-Pods, AQIQ website, and data analysis website.