Whether you are interested in pursuing graduate school or entering the workforce upon your graduation, there are steps that you can take to develop skills, build connections, and bolster your resume/CV as an undergraduate student. This section of our website has information about career development opportunities that are available to you right now!


Opportunities to conduct real APS/Physics experiments and/or work on technical projects through research positions and internships.


Organizations on campus that serve and/or are comprised of undergraduates in APS/Physics. Offers opportunities to make a positive difference, get to know your classmates, and even connect with APS/Physics professors at CU and beyond.


Teaching opportunities for undergraduate students. Can be a good way to build your physics background and study for standardized tests, and is important experience if you are interested in an academic or educational career.


Opportunities to share undergraduate research with others in your field. Some conferences are specifically aimed towards underrepresented groups in APS/Physics or STEM.