Astronomy Help Room

The APS department offers an Astronomy Help Room on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 2-6PM in room D142. The room is open to both Astronomy majors and students enrolled in astronomy courses, and students can request help on any astronomy, physics, or math courses.


This listing of tutors is offered as a service to help students and tutors to get in touch with each other. APS does not guarantee that this list is up-to-date and does not guarantee any services offered by tutors. Tutoring fees are solely a matter between the student and the tutor. If you would like to be added to the "Current Tutors" list, please fill out the "Sign Up to Be a Tutor" form.

Current Tutors

Maggie Andrews

Phone: 765-543-7542
Courses: Math, Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Biology, CS
Description: I am a CU Alum with a Master's in Chemical & Biological Engineering. I worked as a tutor and teaching assistant in undergrad and grad school. In 2009, I created BuffTutor, a network of experienced, passionate and vetted tutors in Boulder. I have been a tutor for over 15 years, full-time since 2009. I tutor the listed courses and can also help students connect with other tutors in the Boulder area.

Ariel Paul

Phone: Please use email
Courses: Specializing in introductory Math and Physics
Description: I received my PhD in physics in 2007 and I have over 20 years of teaching and tutoring experience. I have taught at both the high school and college level, and I have been the professor for physics 2010 and 2020. In particular, I deeply enjoy helping students gain a conceptual understanding of the material, a clear approach to solving problems, and confidence in the class.

Julia Johnston

Phone: 571-228-1960
Courses: ASTR 1000,1010,1020,1030,1040,1200
Description: I'm currently enrolled at CU Boulder as a junior, and just transferred from Virginia to pursue my love for the great beyond. I've done a lot of personal research in astronomy in the past and am currently an APS major with a space minor. I've taken equivalent to all the courses taken listed above in the past and have tutored such topics in high school and at my previous school. I'd love to get back into tutoring with exams coming up, as I have a deep passion and understanding for the stars.

Peter Tatum

Phone: 707-766-4256
Courses: All Undergrad Physics, APS and Math Courses
Description: I am a PhD student in the APS department and completed my undergraduate degree in Engineering Physics from UC Berkeley. I have experience as a TA in APS and as a tutor in a variety of subjects over the years. My education and research experience have covered a broad range of STEM topics, allowing me to support you in a range of course subjects. I love math and the physical sciences and would really enjoy the opportunity to work with you as you learn!

Samik Dasgupta 

Phone: 303-818-0796
Courses: Physics, Astronomy, Math, Engineering, and Chemistry
Description: Former Graduate Student at the Physics Department who specialized in Astrophysics and worked as a T.A in the APS department.Thus I am familiar with almost all the undergrad courses, and have worked as a full time tutor who tutored hundreds of students for almost 10 years. I have extensive familiarity with the course material, past exams, hws, etc. and most of my students have done very well.

Mikayla Huffman 

Phone: 571-765-0871
Courses: ASTR 1030/1040, ASTR 1010/1020, PHYS 1115/1125/1140, PHYS 1110/1120/1140, PHYS 2130, PHYS 2170, PHYS 2150, MATH 1300/2300, APPM 1350/1360, GEOL 1010/1030, GEOL 1020, ASTR 3720, ASTR 3750, ASTR 3710
Description: I am a graduate student in APS who focuses on impact physics, planetary atmospheres, and comet spectroscopy. In undergrad, I majored in physics and minored in geology and math. I tutored throughout high school and undergrad. I would be happy to help!

Krishna Chittiepu

Phone: 720-312-6938
Courses: Any course related to computer science and involves coding
Description: I am first year graduate student. Currently, I am working as a Computer Science tutor for SASC MATH program. I also have prior experience working as a software engineer and grader for CS1200 - Introduction to Computational Thinking course. My responsibilities include logistical and administrative support for instructors, updating Canvas, grading assignments, and providing feedback and support for undergrad students.

Brandon Hilliard 

Phone: 626-807-6454
Courses: I can tutor most upper and lower-division courses in astronomy, physics, and calculus courses. I am most confident in the Planetary Sciences.
Here is a list of courses being offered this spring in APS where I can assist students: ASTR 1000, ASTR 1010, ASTR 1020, ASTR 1030, ASTR 1040, ASTR 1200, ASTR 2000, ASTR 2020, ASTR 2040, ASTR 3710, ASTR 3750. I am also happy to mentor students with grad applications, or navigating post undergrad life.
Description: Hi, my name is Brandon Hilliard and I am a 3rd year Ph.D. student in APS. I am also an African American, Latino (with conversational skills in Spanish), a former Math and Science high school teacher/guidance counselor, a first-generation college graduate, and a M.S. Physics degree holder. I thoroughly understand that navigating the maths and sciences is extremely difficult and not meant for everyone. However, with lots of hard work, perseverance, and guidance, it is possible to overcome all of the challenges that come with taking APS courses. I work best with students who are self-motivated and aren't afraid to ask questions -- no matter how "dumb" they may seem. I have tutored and mentored students of all ages for the past 15 years, and I am hoping to serve you in whatever capacity possible.