Astronomy Help Room

The Astronomy Help Room is online. Our recurring Zoom meeting is open Jan 19-Apr 29 Tues-Thurs 2-6pm (Colorado time) at the following address:

RESERVATIONS REQUIRED! To sign up, please list your name and the topic you'd like help with on this page. You must make your reservation at least 30 minutes before the time slot to guarantee TA attendance. If you think your question will take longer than an hour, feel free to list your name in multiple time slots!

The Astronomy Help Room is staffed by APS teaching assistants and is intended to provide academic support to APS majors and all students taking ASTR courses.


This listing of tutors is offered as a service to help students and tutors to get in touch with each other. APS does not guarantee that this list is up-to-date and does not guarantee any services offered by tutors. Tutoring fees are solely a matter between the student and tutor. If you would like to be added to the "Current Tutors" list  please fill out the "Sign Up to Be a Tutor" form.

Current Tutors

Maggie Andrews
Phone: 765-543-7542
Courses: Math, Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Biology, CS
Description: I am a CU Alum with a Master's in Chemical & Biological Engineering.  I worked as a tutor and teaching assistant in undergrad and grad school.  In 2009, I created BuffTutor, a network of experienced, passionate and vetted tutors in Boulder. I have been a tutor for over 15 years, full time since 2009. I tutor the listed courses and can also help students connect with other tutors in the Boulder area.
Mori Batagva
Phone: 949-973-4524
Courses: Most of the introductory courses
Description: I work with several other CU alumni who provide help to students in need, as a team!
Samik Dasgupta
Phone: 303-818-0796
Courses: Most Undergraduate Astronomy, Physics, and Math courses
Description: I have an MS in Physics, and long time association with the APS and Physics Department as Grad Student/T.A/R.A, and extensive familiarity with the course structures, exams etc. Over the past 8 years I have extensively tutored hundreds of C.U students in Astro, Physics, and Math courses, many of whom have done very well. I enjoy tutoring and am confident that I can help students towards better grades and understanding.
Kyle Hollis
Phone: 925-818-3533
Courses: Math, Physics
Description: I am a junior undergrad studying mechanical engineering. I have tutored undergraduate math and physics
Margaret Mitter McCormick
Courses: Astronomy, Physics, General Biology, Genetics, Microbiology, Math (up through Calculus)
Description: As an APS alum (Master's 2008), I have over 15 years experience as a graduate teaching assistant and private tutor in multiple subjects, including intro astronomy lab and lecture. Students tell me they particularly appreciate my knack for coming up with helpful analogies for concepts and processes.
Momchil Molnar
Phone: 857-259-8164
Courses: Astronomy, Physics, Math
Description: I'm a grad student in the APS department. I have tutored for math and physics before but can also tutor for intro astronomy.
Ariel Paul
Phone: 609-203-1552
Courses: Specializing in introductory Math and Physics
Description: I received my PhD in physics in 2007 and I have over 20 years of teaching and tutoring experience. I have taught at both the high school and college level, and I have been the professor for physics 2010 and 2020. In particular, I deeply enjoy helping students gain a conceptual understanding of the material, a clear approach to solving problems, and confidence in the class.
Clay Stanley
Phone: 913-378-5528
Courses: Math Courses, Chemical Engineering Courses, Chemistry Courses
Description: I am an incoming Leeds MBA graduate student starting this Fall 2020. I have tutoring experience from undergrad at University of Kansas teaching others in Chemical Engineering courses, mathematics courses, and chemistry courses. I received my BS in Chemical Engineering in 2015 from University of Kansas. Helping others understand complex ideas and concepts is a passion of mine. The "aha!" moment on a student's face is a very rewarding

William Waalkes

Phone: 616-516-9536
Courses: Astronomy
Description: I am a graduate student in the APS department with a Bachelor's in astronomy and physics from the University of Michigan. I have several years of experience tutoring at previous institutions, where I taught undergraduate astronomy labs and tutored biology, chemistry, physics, and astronomy.