Zach Berta-Thompson (P,A,O) The discovery of new exoplanets and observations of their atmospheres. Duane D213  735-6821
David Brain (P,S) Planetary atmospheres and climate evolution; Interaction of planets and their magnetic fields with the Sun. Duane- D133 735-5606
Jack Burns (A, O, Pol)  21-cm cosmology; first stars and galaxies in the early Universe using low frequency observations in space; x-ray and radio observations of galaxy clusters; space policy. Stadium 120B 735-0963 
Web Cash (A,I,O) Experimental astrophysics, including the development of star for exoplanet observations. Duane F-913 ARL 175C 492-4056, 5-2640
Julie Comerford (A,O) Galaxy evolution and black holes brought together during galaxy mergers. Duane C-328A 735-7032
Steven Cranmer (S, A, T) Solar and stellar astrophysics, including coronal heating, wind acceleration, and waves and turbulence in all kinds of astrophysical plasmas. Duane D111, LASP SPSC N218 735-1265
Jeremy Darling (A,T,O) Galaxies, black holes, cosmology, precision measurement, masers, molecules. Duane D-341 492-4881
Doug Duncan (A,O,E) Research on teaching and learning of astronomy, spectroscopy solar-type stars, composition of the oldest stars. N710 (SBO) Duane D137 735-6141
Erica Ellingson (A,O,E) Observational cosmology, galaxy evolution and active galactic nuclei. Duane C332A 492-6610
Larry Esposito (P) Planets and Exoplanets Duane D117, SPSC N228 492-7325
Kevin France (A,P,I) Exoplanets and space instrumentation SPSC N214, Duane D219 492-1429
Nils Halverson (A, O, I) Observational Cosmology, Cosmic Microwave Background Experiment, mm-wave instrumentation Duane D319 492-6817
Andrew Hamilton (A,T) Theoretical astrophysics and cosmology, including black holes. JILA A706 492-7833
Seth Hornstein (A,O,E) Teaching excellence, educational research, K-12 teacher prep programs. Duane D143, N125 (SBO) 492-5631
Mark Rast (S,T,O) Solar Physics, Astrophysical fluid dynamics. Duane D121, LSTB 135 492-5348, 735-1038
Nick Schneider (P, O, I, E) Planetary science, space missions, telescopes & observations, teaching, outreach Duane D337 492-7672


P = Planetary Science; S = solar/space physics; A = astrophysics

T = theory/simulation; O = Observation; I = instrumentation

Career Plans:
E = K-12 education and public outreach; POL = policy (Burns or Baker); R = research (all faculty); Tech = technical (all faculty)