Most APS/Physics students aim for a long-term career, regardless of the education levels they pursue. This part of the website includes career development resources and tools for job searches/applications. The resources here are directed both towards students who wish to enter the workforce directly upon graduation and towards students who are considering graduate school first.

SPS has an excellent Careers Toolbox that can help you learn about careers based on an APS/Physics degree. We highly recommend that you work through some of the exercises in the SPS Careers Toolbox, regardless of your current year or job experience.

Career Paths 

An introduction to various career paths that students in APS/Physics may pursue, including example starting salaries and education requirements for each position.


Resources for creating an excellent resume, online profile, and elevator pitch.

Job Search/Events

Includes a list of job search databases and resources for preparing for career fairs and networking events.


Resources for building successful job applications and preparing for various types of job interviews.

CU Alumni Contacts 

An ongoing list of CU Alumni who have presented or been on panels at APS/PHYS Professional Development events.