We recognize that challenging situations can arise at unexpected times. It can be hard to focus on astrophysics and planetary science when you are unable to care for yourself or your family. A hard moment, a crisis, or a bad semester should not define your academic career. These resources are designed to help members of the CU community get through difficult times. 

  • The Student Emergency Fund provides grants up to $2,000 to support students facing an urgent crisis. A one-time injection of financial support might have a huge impact on your ability to succeed, or even to stay in school. If you need to get through a tough time, please apply for these funds. Applications are open throughout the academic year.

  • The Buff Pantry provides free food to CU students on a weekly basis. CU’s Feed the Stampede provides other community food and housing resources connected to campus and the broader Boulder area. Up to 45% of students experience some level of food insecurity during their undergraduate or graduate careers, according to a 2018 student survey. If you need food to feed yourself or your family, please make use of these resources.

  • The Student Support and Case Management (SSCM) works with students to reduce the adverse impact of challenging situations by connecting them with campus partners, community resources and support systems, and encouraging success through individualized planning. If you need help dealing with the fallout of a crisis, please contact this office or ask one of your APS professors to refer you.

The University’s Counseling and Psychiatric Services (CAPS) provides counseling and therapy to all students at CU. You can schedule a screening in order to meet with a CAPS therapist on a regular basis, or you can also drop in for short (10-20) sessions (in-person or virtually) with CAPS counselors on a first-come, first-served basis at various times throughout the week as described on the website.