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During 2019 we celebrate the golden anniversary of the Glenn Miller Archives. In 1969, our late Curator Alan Cass started the GMA with a display case in the University Memorial Union. Today, Alan’s vision and dedication have grown into one of the world’s leading big band and popular music resources and our mission of preservation, restoration and communication continues. The GMA has grown into a dynamic archive housing the works and collections of many bandleaders, musicians, families, collectors, producers, associates, journalists and authors. In 2004, the GMA joined forces with CU’s American Music Research Center and remains a vital asset of the College of Music and University Special Collections and Archives. To mark our golden anniversary, we thought it was time to recognize the growth and diversity of the GMA collections, associates and outreach. We have updated our name to the Glenn Miller Archives to better reflect our legacy and growth as well as our status and scope moving forward. From now on, the name of the GMA is synonymous of a university center containing many important collections and resources. Please stay tuned during 2019 for more information and developments concerning the Glenn Miller Archives.



The Glenn Miller Archives (GMA) of the American Music Research Center is the designated repository for the legacy of Alton Glenn Miller (1904-1944), American popular music icon and Doctor of Humane Letters, Distinguished Alumnus Honorare, University of Colorado Boulder The GMA encompasses many thousands of audio recordings, documents, photographs and memorabilia from the "Big Band Era" of American Popular Music, and is a leading resource for scholars, students, researchers and collectors. 

The objective of the GMA is to preserve, enhance and share the history of the Big Band Era. As encouraged by our benefactors, the late Steven Davis Miller (1943-2012) and Jonnie Miller Hoffman, the children of Glenn and Helen Miller, the GMA is a permanent and accessible center of learning for future generations of scholars, students, historians and the public. The GMA works closely with associates around the world and benefit from important affiliations with universities, government agencies and key partnerships within the entertainment industry. The legacies of many prominent artists and collectors are entrusted to the GMA. In addition to extensive Glenn Miller and Tommy Dorsey catalogs, all of the bandleaders, musicians and singers of the mid-20th Century are represented in the many individual GMA Collections.

The GMA presents original radio broadcasts from our collections every week on KEZW, Denver --- "EZ1430" --- an Entercom Communications station. 


The Star Spangled Radio Hour is streamed worldwide at EZ 1430 Denver

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Music Rights
The Glenn Miller Archives does not grant use of music rights to Glenn Miller's recordings. Requests should be submitted directly to Sony Music Entertainment by fax at 01 (201) 777-3074

Name and Image Rights
Requests for the use of Glenn Miller's name and/or image for commercial and academic projects should be submitted directly to CMG Worldwide, at: