The following rules and procedures apply to students working with an affiliate faculty:

  • Fill out and submit each spring semester, on the last week of classes, two questionnaires:
    • One questionnaire will address their research accomplishments throughout the academic year (Advisees Annual Progress Report). This questionnaire will request information about any papers (including conference proceedings or extended abstracts) submitted or published, and any talks or posters given at seminars, meetings, or conferences during that year. The questionnaire will also ask students to justify the relevance of their work to their training as applied mathematicians, a plan for there search to be accomplished during the following academic year, and expected graduation date based on current progress. The filled questionnaire must be approved and signed by the student advisor before submission.
    •  Another questionnaire will ask the students to evaluate the quality of mentorship received by their affiliate advisor (Advisees Annual Mentor Evaluation Form).

The questionnaires and advisor valuation (APPM Affiliate Mentee Evaluation Form) will then be reviewed by the administrators of the Program, who will judge the adequate progress and quality of the research accomplished during the academic year. Any recommendations made by the Program Administrators will be notified to the corresponding advisor and must be addressed in the course of the following academic year.