Affiliate faculty must renew their status every five years. The following rules and procedures apply to renew affiliate status:

  • Submit an updated CV.
  • Fill out a questionnaire, which will collect information about their contributions to the teaching, research, and service mission of the Department (refer to Becoming an Affiliate) during the last five years. The questionnaire will also request a short statement indicating their motivation to renew the affiliate status.
  • The CV and questionnaire, together with student feedback (refer to Rules and Procedures of students), will be evaluated by the Program Administrators, who will make a recommendation to APPM faculty, who will then vote on the status renewal.

A successful candidate will receive an official appointment letter from APPM that identifies her/his privileges and responsibilities as an APPM affiliate faculty member. Occasionally, affiliate faculty who have shown exceptional commitment toward the teaching, research and service statement of APPM will be given a Courtesy Appointment in the Department. Faculty with courtesy appointments will inherit affiliate status automatically for the duration of their appointment.