The following rules and procedures apply to maintain affiliate status:

  • Keep an appointment assistant, associate, or full professor at the University of Colorado-Boulder, or a comparable appointment at another organization approved by the Program Administrators.
  • Be an active contributor to the teaching, research, or service mission of the Department, for example, collaborating with APPM faculty on research papers and grant proposals, advising, co-advising and funding APPM MS or Ph.D. students, and participating in APPM committees, among other possible activities.
  • Be — at any given time — the principal advisor of at most two (2) APPM graduates students. Affiliates wishing to become the main advisor of more than two (2) APPM graduate students must appeal and receive approval from the APPM Graduate Chair.
  • Submit each spring semester, on the last week of classes, an evaluation of the progress of each mentee, and the relevance of their work in relation to the vision of the Program (see Forms for Faculty and Advisees on the right).
  • Renew status every five (5) years (see Renew Affiliate Status on the right).