Faculty wanting to apply to the APPM Affiliate Faculty Program must:

  • Be an assistant, associate, or full professor at the University of Colorado - Boulder, or having a comparable appointment at another organization approved by the Program Administrators;
  • Be nominated by an APPM faculty, affiliate, or graduate student to the Program. This nomination should be in the form of a letter;
  • Provide a short statement indicating their motivation to join the Program as well as the value they would add to it;
  • Provide an updated CV;
  • Fill out the APPM Affiliate Faculty Application form on the right (the nomination letter, statement, and CV are to be submitted with this form);
  • Notify the Department of Applied Mathematics Graduate Coordinator via e-mail at amgradco@colorado.edu that you have submitted the above form.
  • Give a 50-minute research presentation of relevance to the general interests and skills of APPM graduate students and faculty in the APPM Colloquium.

Process Timeline.  (1) The Affiliate Program Committee will use the materials provided by the candidate to give a recommendation to the APPM faculty on the case and request the APPM Colloquium Chair to schedule as soon as reasonably possible a presentation by the candidate.  (2) The candidate's application materials are shared with the APPM faculty.  (3) At the APPM faculty meeting that follows the Colloquium presentation, the candidate's case will be discussed and an electronic vote held after the meeting, requiring a majority of APPM faculty to approve for the candidate to become an affiliate.  (4) The candidate will then be informed of the vote outcome. A successful candidate will receive an official appointment letter from APPM that identifies her/his privileges and responsibilities as an affiliate faculty member (see link for Maintain Affiliate Status on the right).