Published: Dec. 20, 2021 By

On December 9, the Univerities Space Research Association (USRA) announced their Distinguished Undergraduate Award winners and Honorable Mention recipients. Among the Honorable Mention recipients was Applied Mathematics undergraduate Allison Liu. 

USRA created the Distinguished Undergraduate Award to honor and remember those who made significant contributions to their fields and to USRA; their award recognizes undergraduates in space-related disciplines that contribute significantly to problems in aerospace engineering and space science. On top of contributing to their field, winners demonstrate leadership and promote diversity in STEM. USRA president and CEO, Dr. Jeffrey Isaacson, explained that the award winners' and Honorable Mention recipients' "scholastic achievements and leadership potential set them apart from their peers, and we wish them continued success throughout their promising careers.”

Award applicants are evaluated based on their career goals, accomplishments, leadership skills, outreach participation, letters of recommendation, and other qualities common among productive researchers. USRA reviewed 96 applicants, which were reviewed by 4 comittees, for this year's 5 winners and 6 Honorable Mention recipients. 

The Applied Mathematics Department congratulates Allison Liu for this outstanding achievement! More information about USRA and the Distinguished Undergraduate Award can be found in the USRA press release for this year's award.