Published: April 15, 2021 By

Engineering Center

At the end of March, U.S. News & World Report released their graduate program rankings, which included improvements in the rankings of many graduatue programs at CU Boulder. The Applied Mathematics Department holds it's position from 2018 at 14th overall in the nation in applied math programs. The 2018 rankings were not updated this year, but the 2016 engineering rankings were updated.

As a whole, the College of Engineering and Applied Science ranks 26th overall in the nation among public universities. The aerospace (10th) engineering program ranked in the top 10 overall in their respective field. Furthermore, the chemical (14th), civil (20th), biological (21st), and environmental (14th) engineering programs breached the top 25 overall for their fields. 

All of these updated rankings are further proof of the programs at CU pushing the envelope and consistently improving. Congratulations to all of these programs!