Published: Feb. 26, 2021

Shilpa Khatri; Health Sciences Research Institute; University of California, Merced

Numerical methods for fluid-structure interactions and multiphase flow within marine phenomena 

To understand the fluid dynamics of marine phenomena, for example particles settling, droplets rising, pulsating coral, and sniffing crabs, fluid-structure and multiphase flow problems must be solved. Challenges exist in developing numerical methods and computational tools to solve these complex flow problems with boundary conditions at fluid-structure and fluid-fluid interfaces. I will present details of two different problems where these challenges are handled: (1) simulations of pulsating soft corals and (2) accurate evaluation of layer potentials near boundaries. The first problem of pulsating soft corals will be motivated by field and experimental work in the marine sciences. I will discuss these related data and provide comparisons with the simulations. For the second problem of accurate evaluation of layer potentials, I will show how classical numerical methods are problematic for evaluations close to boundaries and how newly developed numerical methods can be used to remove the error. Finally, I will briefly present some further work in this field.