Published: Sept. 21, 2020 By

Rachel RobeyThis week, Applied Mathematics doctoral candidate Rachel Robey received a Department of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellowship, DOE CSGF for short. Rachel, who is a member of Daniel Appelö’s research group, was one of 26 doctoral researchers who were given the award to support and further their research in the field of applied math. Part of the fellowship ensures that Rachel will be conducting research at one of a plethora of research laboratories that the Department of Energy owns and manages.  

This fellowship emphasizes the importance of high-performing computation which is leveraged to solve important, complex science and engineering problems that face the nation today. Because of the high importance and specificity of the fellowship, recipients are asked to complete courses in engineering, computer science, or applied mathematics before moving on to work at a DOE laboratory.

In a statement from the Department of Energy and the Krell Institute (a corporation founded in support of this fellowship), this fellowship and subsequent experience is an “effective workforce recruitment tool for the national laboratories. Nearly a quarter of all DOE CSGF alumni work or have worked in a DOE lab setting.  Others pursue careers in academia, industry or government, where they introduce and advocate for computational science as a tool for discovery.” Overall, this program awards fellowships to doctoral students and since “1991, the DOE CSGF has supported more than 500 students at more than 70 universities.”

The Applied Math Department congratulates Rachel Robey on this momentous opportunity! For more information on the DOE CSGF or the Krell Institute, visit their webpage.