Published: Dec. 21, 2017 By

Dr. Rudy Horne was a highly respected and beloved community member and educator. Since his recent passing, those who knew him have mourned his loss but also have had time to reflect on his great accomplishments and contributions to the academic world.

At the University of Colorado Boulder, Dr. Horne received his M.S in Applied Mathematics and Physics, as well as his Ph.D in Applied Mathematics. Mark Ablowitz served as his thesis advisor. Since then, he spent time as an Assistant Professor at Florida State University and an Associate Professor Morehouse College.

In 2016, he spent four months with 20th Century Fox Studios working on the movie Hidden Figures.  He was the on-set mathematics consultant ensuring that the mathematical references were accurate and applied in an approachable way. He helped to look over scripts and make any necessary corrections.

His other professional experience includes being cited in many online articles. He was also hosted as a guest on The National Public Radio’s, “Closer Look.” The interview about his work on the movie can be found here.

Updates on his memorial service and other information can be found at Morehouse’s website.