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The Buffalo Bicycle Classic is an annual bicycle race and fundraising effort to help students in severe financial need achieve their goals of a higher education in the college of arts and sciences. Since 2003, the BBC has raised over 3 million dollars in scholarship money for in-state students.

On September 10th, 2017, APPM instructor, Brian Zaharatos, participated in the ride alongside other members of the APPM department including Daniel Appelo, a new associate professor, and students Lewis Baker, Ksenia Lepikhina, and Jacob Mink. For Zaharatos, this was a great excuse to get to know other members within his department.

The Buffalo Bicycle Classic race allows participants to pick from over 7 different routes, each varying in length and difficulty. Together, the team chose to complete the 70-mile-long race, which classifies as a middle-tier course difficulty. With almost 3,000 feet in elevation gain, the course brings participants along the Carter Lake Climb.

“It was a great way to get back into cycling. Until this summer, I wasn't riding very regularly over the past few years. The BCC changed that,” said Zaharatos. He hopes to keep training throughout the winter so he can ride up Mount Evans next summer.   

After the race, CU Boulder hosted a party with food, drink, and live music to celebrate.

“If you are affiliated with APPM in some way, want to join our ‘cycling team’, and ride the BBC next year, please contact me at ,”  said Zaharatos. “Also, we'd like to wish team member Jacob Mink good luck as he tours Japan this fall on two wheels.”

Zaharatos also expressed gratitude to the APPM Faculty for allowing them to represent the department. For anyone looking to participate or volunteer in next year’s race, more information can be found at