Policies & Procedures

The University of Colorado Recreation Services Department has developed guidelines in an effort to create the greatest and safest facility for all participants. Campus Recreation policies are designed for the protection of members, employees, and facilities.

  • All currently enrolled CU students must present their CU Buff OneCard to enter the Student Recreation Center. Non-student members shall present either a CU Buff OneCard, or a valid Membership Card and a photo ID.  All patrons shall have their ID on their person at all times while using the facility.
  • CU Faculty and Staff, non-member students, members of the Alumni Association, as well as University affiliates may use the Rec Center on a drop-in basis by purchasing a daily pass at the designated   rate.  Drop-in user shall present a Buff OneCard, Alumni Association card, or other documentation as proof of eligibility. For the spousal rate, primary membership is required and must be purchased first. If the affiliated patron is not going to purchase a primary membership, then the spouse may purchase a primary membership for the regular fee (not the spousal rate). In either case, the patrons must present a marriage license/certificate, joint tax return(s), proof of joint bank account or a lease with the same residence. City of Boulder Domestic Partnership registration is also accepted.
  • To promote healthful interaction, full fee-paying students, members with a current membership, and qualified drop-in users may invite up to three guests per day. Guests must purchase a daily pass at the designated rate and be accompanied by their sponsors.  Guests must present a photo ID and sign waiver upon purchase of a daily pass. Sponsors are responsible for guests’ behaviors as well as loss/damage to the Recreation Center equipment and/or facilities.
  • CU Buff OneCards, memberships and passes to the CU Recreation Center are non transferable. Attempts to use another member's ID or provide a member ID for another use violates University and State regulations, and the ID will be confiscated. A $15 fee is required to reclaim the confiscated ID.
  • Tobacco, alcoholic beverages, and any other illegal substance and weapons/firearms are prohibited at the Rec Center, Williams Village rec Center. and Outdoor Recreation facilities.
  • The Recreation Services Staff reserves the right to deny entry to anyone displaying inappropriate behavior, including belligerence or intoxication.
  • Food and drinks are not permitted in the activity areas, unless explicitly approved for special events by staff. Beverages in non-glass, spill proof containers are permitted as long as they do not present a trip hazard.
  • Bicycles, mopeds, cleats, skateboarding, hoverboards, and roller-skates/blades are not allowed within Rec Center facilities. Skateboards and bikes are not permitted at the entry to the Recreation Center or on patio furniture, benches, bleachers, and landscape boulders.
  • Photography and videotaping is only permitted within the CU Rec Center if pre-approved by Rec Center staff.
  • Appropriate attire is mandatory at all times. You must be properly clothed while walking down the hallway. Towel wraps are not appropriate attire. Shirts are required in all areas of the building except the pool and locker rooms. Shirts must conceal the navel and nipple areas to comply with the policy.
  • Clean, non-marking, close-toed, closed heel shoes are required in activity spaces. Bare feet are not permitted except in the pool, locker rooms, and mat room. Open toe shoes and hiking boots are not permitted.
  • Patrons are responsible for the cost of any damages resulting from disorderly conduct or misuse of equipment.
  • Posters, signs, and flyers are not allowed in the building unless approved and posted in designated areas by Recreation Services staff.
  • Guests are responsible for conducting themselves in an appropriate manner while using the CU Student Recreation and Williams Village Center.
  • Use of Recreation Services facilities for personal gain violates University policy relating to facilities, services, programs, and solicitation, and is not permitted.
  • All adjustments to the facility or equipment are to be performed by Recreation Center staff members only.
  • Children under 16 are not allowed in the Rec Center unless they are participating in age specified Department sponsored program or rental event, or unless accompanied at all times by an adult with a valid "family" pass or Conference Services chaperone. Children under 16 are not allowed in the weight rooms, on cardio equipment, or ice rink during drop-in hockey and stick 'n puck.
  • No person shall use words or actions that could provoke a violent response from the individual(s) to whom the words or actions are being directed.
  • Baby strollers/carriers are not allowed in activity areas or Fitness/Wellness classes.
  • Facility schedules are subject to change for special events.

Area Specific Policies