Faculty Teaching Excellence Program



Civility in the Classroom: Problems and Research-Based Solutions

Ed Rivers, Professor of English                                     

According to the research, classroom incivility is a problem of national proportions. It can range from talking while the teacher is talking to "multitasking" on a laptop in such a way as to annoy others to becoming verbally abusive or even physically violent. Sometimes it is aggressive, sometimes passive-aggressive, and sometimes unintentional, making it difficult to assess and address. Although every teacher has to deal with some form of incivility, most are not aware of the research that categorizes the problems and offers an array of solutions--including how to forestall incivility before it happens. In this session we will begin with a survey of this research and then, in a general discussion, generate our own list of problems and solutions. We will pay special attention to the supposed relation between a rise in technology and a rise in incivility. In sum, we will try to move beyond purely subjective concepts of what is civil, or not, and see what we can add to the research and the often passionate on-line discussion.


Title Date Time
Session I Tuesday, 10/13 3:00-4:00 PM


This event will be held in ATLAS 200.

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