Transfer your benefit

The very first step in allowing your dependent to use your benefits is to transfer them. Information on the transferability of benefits is available on the milConnect site. To learn more about how to complete the transfer process, please visit this section of the milConnect site.

After you have transferred your benefit, your dependent must apply for it. This can be done through the VA Education Benefits website. This process puts the benefit in their name and effectively makes it their benefit. The VA will send your dependent a Certificate of Eligibility via the US Postal Service to the address they put on their application on It can take several months for the VA to process their application so encourage them to apply early!

Have your dependent create their own eBenefits account. This will allow them to track their educational benefits, including how many months of eligibility they have remaining.

Tuition classification

If you are currently living out of state, review the options for in-state tuition. If you were stationed in Colorado in the last 12 years your student could be considered in-state for tuition purposes. Visit the Tuition Classification Office's website to review the in-state tuition exceptions. Be sure to contact them if you believe you qualify for in-state tuition because of time spent in Colorado. If you retired or separated within the last three years, your student may qualify under Section 702 of the Choice Act. Please consult the VA provided information for more information. Students must be using Post 9/11 Chapter 33 benefits or the Fry Scholarship to qualify for this exception. Your student is not eligible if you are still on active duty. Contact our office if you have further questions about this law or if you think your student qualifies. 

Student privacy

We cannot give you specific information about your student's account with CU, or any questions specifically addressing their benefits and how they are being used at CU, unless your student has a FERPA release form on file with the university. Any questions about this form can be directed to the Office of the Registrar, located in the Regent Administrative Center, Room 101. 

Additional questions

We can provide basic information to the student about when we submitted their Certification Request to the VA, but for in depth processing or payment questions, your student will have to contact the VA directly. They can contact the VA by calling 1-888-GIBILL-1(1-888-442-4551), or through the Submit a Question link on the GI Bill website. You can also use that link to upload documents securely. An added benefit is that the answer you receive from the VA is in writing, which can be useful in some situations.