A student employee on the UMC audio visual team

Work in the heart of campus!

As the most active spot on campus, the UMC has an energetic employment community that gives CU students exceptional leadership and job experience. We offer a competitive salary, flexible hours, professional and personal development opportunities and a true team spirit! Because the UMC hosts a wide variety of services, there’s bound to be an employment opportunity perfect for your style, interests and skills!

Student Job Openings

Located on the first floor of the UMC, The Connection is THE place on campus for fun things to do with friends and family! As the only bowling center in Boulder, The Connection features bowling lanes with automatic scoring, 9-foot billiards tables, video game consoles (XBOX ONE, PS4, Wii), table tennis and a selection of food and beverages available daily. Learn more about The Connection

UMC Connection Coordinator
Student Assistant IV • $18.15/hr; up to 25 hours/week
The graduate assistant will assist The Connection manager in the oversight of daily facility operations, staff supervision, reservation management, staff training and development, general marketing, and monthly inventory. The position will also assist The Connection manager and the UMC program coordinator with weekly, monthly and annual programming for The Connection. 

The Connection Cashier
Student Assistant I • $12.32/hr; 8-16 hours/week
The Connection cashiers are a unit of student para-professionals whose primary function is to monitor, maintain and provide service to those who attend/use The Connection and all equipment provided. Work in the heart of campus at the only bowling center in Boulder, serving the recreational needs of CU students, faculty, staff and the community.

    CU Events Planning & Catering is a  full-service event planning resource for CU and the Boulder area. We work with on- and off-campus clients to plan the perfect event for 10 to 1,000 guests. From intimate meetings and lavish receptions to conferences, lectures or social events, EP&C helps create truly memorable events. Learn more about CU Events Planning & Catering

      There are no openings at this time.

        CU NightRide is a student-operated program dedicated to meeting the safety needs of CU students, faculty and staff by providing night-time transportation to support a safe academic and socially responsible environment, both on campus and in the community. Learn more about CU NightRide

          Student Assistant I • $12.00/hr; 10-20 hrs/week
          CU NightRide is hiring driver/dispatchers to take calls, coordinate rides and drive within the city of Boulder. We’re looking for students who are confident and safe behind the wheel, friendly, courteous, non-judgmental, caring and skilled at multitasking.

            The UMC Administration office supports the programmatic, business and operational goals of the UMC. We help coordinate projects and training for our staff in areas that include marketing, training, IT, set-up, events planning and more. Our work is grounded in our mission to be the heart of campus, and we strive to provide an inclusive and welcoming environment to all.


            There are no openings at this time.

            The UMC marketing department works with clients – UMC, Center for Student Involvement, The Connection, Volunteer Resource Center, CU NightRide and others – to produce high-quality print and digital designs to catch the attention of the campus community.


            There are no openings at this time.

            The UMC hosts 2.3 million visitors per year and has 262,869 square feet of meeting, office and lounge space, open 117 hours per week. We serve as a multi-cultural center, a center for activism and community interaction, and the state of Colorado’s veteran’s memorial. The UMC houses the largest ballroom in Boulder and the only bowling center in Boulder and hosts more than 16,000 meetings and events each year. Learn more about UMC Operations

              UMC Security Guard
              Student Assistant I • $12.00/hr; 25 hours per week maximum
              The security guards provide both building an event security to the UMC and events on campus, ensuring the safety and security of the people and property in the UMC. They help maintain a safe, secure campus community; enforce established regulations, campus use policies and safety guidelines through appropriate actions; support a welcoming environment for all students, faculty, staff and visitors; and serve as visible, courteous and competent security staff with valuable student learning experiences and leadership opportunities.

                The reception desk is the communication hub of the UMC, assisting to support and maintain successful day-to-day functional and auxiliary business operations both in the UMC and on campus. Learn more about the UMC reception desk

                  Reception Desk Staffer/Attendant
                  Student Assistant I • $12.00/hr
                  UMC reception desk staffers are the front line of UMC employees greeting guests, giving directions, answering questions, providing information and directing services throughout the building. They handle all types of inquiries, key access, radio communications in the building and maintain phone coverage for the building.

                    In addition to the UMC job openings, there are myriad job and volunteer positions offered by other CU departments housed within the UMC. Visit the UMC Building Directory for a list of departments, services and organizations, and visit the CU student employment website to check for job opportunities in these areas.